TEAMs are built by Leaders.. Here’s how!

TEAM -Together Everyone Achieves More

Team Building is an oft repeated buzzword often thrown around as some sort of panacea to all problems. After all, you are only as good as your team, isn't it?

Is not the chain only as strong as its weakest link?

And while everyone is expected to work together in a symbiotic work relationship, teams ( who come together either in departments or for projects) are specifically called to have an extraordinary approach.

So, if you are called to head a group of folks, read on to get some valuable tips on how to transform them into your Dream Team!

 ‘Manage’ment is ‘Managing’ people!

“When I finally got a management position, I found out how hard it is to lead and manage people.” – Guy Kawasaki

A good leader knows the fine art of managing people.

Like a religious school principal confessed to a married man - ”You have it easy you know. All you have to manage is one wife. I have 45 lady teachers to manage and that’s the toughest part of my job”.

In a corporate role, that’s not too different.

Leadership is most about managing people, more about managing expectations and least about managing tasks.

A good team leader should understand this first!

And remember, the larger the team, the more compounded the interactions and communication barriers........

Brand ne bajaaya band – FB post

One of the most recent marketing casualties in the FMCG industry has been the brand - Dettol dishwashing liquid.

Despite a huge marketing blitz and a very entertaining front page media war with its nearest competitor, Dettol unfortunately bit the dust!

Seen from the consumer’s point of view ( and here we mean the lady of the house) It’s not difficult to see why.

Let’s list a few reasons….

1)Dettol has been the ‘one and only’ antiseptic for over 4 decades. Remember ‘Savlon’.  Well, even with a USP ( yeh jalta nahin)it could not quite dent Dettol’s stronghold.

2)Dettol has been associated with the medical fraternity (doctors, hospitals etc.) in its advertisements like Siamese twins joined at the hip! Think hospital, and you can almost smell the Dettol!

3)Like the ‘Xerox’ brand in photocopiers Dettol is intrinsically linked to disease and accidents. Now imagine swapping that with items related to consumption :- plates, dishes, glasses etc.

4)And finally, the lady of the house …will a mother who reaches for Dettol to kill any nasty invaders ( called germs) on her child’s wounded skin ever view her household utensil as being germ infected!!!!!

So popular and effective has the Dettol antiseptic brand been thus far, that we can truly say in this instance
“ Brand ne bajaaya band! “

Why Top Companies are recruiting Non-MBA’S?
I bet this question will divide the readers and make them take sides from the word ‘go’.

The ones with an ‘MBA’ will exclaim,”What rubbish!”

The ones without, will shout, “Didn’t I tell you so!”

Well, if  latest reports are to be believed  top companies are now tapping into the very ready graduate market (from leading colleges) instead of just restricting themselves to the B schools.

Case to point….lucrative offers have just been rolled out to graduates from premier undergraduate, or Tier-I, colleges such as St. Stephen's College, Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College for Women and SRCC in Delhi; St. Xavier's College, Kolkata; St. Xavier's College - Autonomous, Mumbai; H.R. College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai; and Christ University, Bangalore, among others.

And if this does not raise your eyebrows then check out these starting salary figures:-

Rs.15 lakh – highest offer at SRCC Delhi ( by Deutsche Bank) – average Rs.7.5 lakh

Rs.13 lakh – highest offer at LSR Delhi ( by McKinsey & Co) – average Rs.7 lakh

Rs.10-12 lakh – highest offer at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Rs. 12 lakh – highest offer at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata  – average Rs.6.5 lakh

Rs. 6 lakh – highest offer at HR College Commerce & Economics, Mumbai  – average Rs.4.5 lakhType your paragraph here....................

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Myths about Scotch

Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake. ~WC Fields, American Comedian and Actor

This by and large sums up the myths surrounding scotch.

Gender Bender - Scotch is a ‘man thing’

This one is surely going to please one half of the world’s drinking population- Scotch is not just a man’s drink, it has just been advertised as such. So come on ladies, sip it up.

Whenever someone asks me if I want water with my Scotch, I say I'm thirsty, not dirty." - Joe E. Lewis, American comedian

Shake it up - Ice Ice baby

Well. To all those that claim Scotch lineage and swear that you must only have it neat, here’s the good news. There are options – Soda, Cola, Green Tea, Sprite, Appetisers or just plain distilled water.

The key being, if you ain’t enjoying it, you ain’t having fun!

Darker Whiskies are better- It’s all about the colour!

Did you know that the many well-loved whiskeys actually have a goldish / pale yellow colour? The colour only about tells you which kind of wood was used to mature the whiskey..period!

The Older, the Better – Isn’t age just a number?

This may not be completely true as some older whiskies may take in a lot more of the wood and also tend to slacken on their vitality. It would be a safer bet to look into the distillery creating the Scotch instead to give you a fair idea of the product.

So to be fair, its time you just pulled out your crystal, poured yourself a peg and took a swig.

Enjoy your scotch !

As this writer agrees with the wonderful Mr. Ashwin Sanghvi  “There is indeed one person who can help solve 'writer’s block”. His name is Mr Johnnie Walker.' 

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 ‘Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus ki or jaane walli VT local, platform no 8 pe aa rahi hain “blared the announcement as I stood at the train station waiting to catch my usual transport to college.
Those were the mid 90’s when the famous VT station ( Victoria Terminus) was renamed by  enthusiastic local corporators in the spurt of the renaming fever that characterised that decade.

Nothing else changed much. The edifice still stands strong just like when the British built it, the ‘canteenwallah’ near the main ticketing counter still serves delicious hot samosas with masala tea and the crowds still crane their necks standing at the edge of the platforms awaiting the incoming train.

And oh yes, the metal detectors at the main entrances still do not work!

Pali Village Market

A busy corner junction leads one up the small hill that forms the central Pali village fruit and vegetable market. A one way road does not help in reducing the congestion much. Trying to get a bargain is futile. Prices are unusually high and in the words of a fruit seller himself “in keeping with the upscale locality”. Shop if you must for some exotic fruits. For the run of the mill local varieties, try the local vendors down Hill road – you’re sure to save a bit.

St. Michael’s Church, Mahim

Standing at the crossroads of the busy Mahim junction, this is one of the few religious places in Mumbai that draws crowds of all faiths on a Wednesday for the novena prayer service in honour of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Inside the church you view barefooted, devotees deep in prayer, others jostling to touch the miraculous icon, candles and flowers in hand and several more approaching the main altar on their knees. The religious fervor inside is replaced by a bazaar fever outside and one can strike great bargains in local sweetmeats, ‘original’ goan sausages, secondhand books and clothes. Try the yummy kheema pav in the muslim joints opposite the road and your Mahim church experience is complete.