Excellence Engineered

The steady lines of the logo representing the alphabets 'A' & 'M' reflect the solid foundation and structure of experience that we are based upon.
Our tagline reads 'Excellence Engineered' reminding us of our innate excellence that only just needs nurturing.


Years of experience: 19
Position: Chief Consultant

A dynamic and highly experienced people's person, Maria has explored the training arena in both the individual and Corporate fields in a bid to assist the average Joe/Jane become excellent. 

With over 19 years experience in providing high quality content to various media, Maria is also a compere and speaker and a photographer as well.

She holds a Bachelors in Sociology, A Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising & PR, A Project Management Certification (PMP-2008-2011), is trained in Social Media Communications, Public Speaking, Desk Top Publishing & Photography.

Maria has worked at senior levels in industries ranging from education, events, non-governmental organisations, publishing and real estate both in India and in the UAE with cross-cultural and multi-national teams.



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About Us

God don't make no junk!.....thus sang the American indie rock band The Halo Benders.

Well, this is the philosophy that drives us.  
​It then follows that in each there is a seed of excellence that needs to be nurtured and aided.
This is where we step in to realise the individual potential and consequently drive up business profits. 

“Ms.Maria has successfully guided us, the participants towards discovering the possibilities within ourselves. This is only the beginning of our journey”

Ruchi S.
partcipant, EMpowering Self module

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